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Is there a way I can be guaranteed not to get divorced?

Yes.  Don’t get married.  The statistics are sobering.  Some 50% of first marriages end in divorce.  67% of second marriages end in divorce.  The third time isn’t the charm, as rates for divorce in third marriage are no better. 100% of divorces start with marriage.  If you want to avoid divorce, just don’t do it. Read More

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It’s all about CONTROL.

  If you were to google Top 10 reasons for Divorce, the searches will produce a list which includes, among others, infidelity, lack of communication, money issues but the most significant factor in divorce is control, or lack thereof. A generalized sense of control is important to well-being in daily life.[1] Often, one party tends Read More

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Do I need a lawyer or mediator to handle my divorce?

Often, I am presented with the question, do I need to have a lawyer in my divorce?  Can I represent myself?  Or, why do I need to use a mediator?  My spouse and I can work these issues out ourselves.  Well, quite frankly, if you could just work it out with your spouse, you probably Read More

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Should you seek to modify an existing child support order?

Under Rhode Island and Massachusetts law, either parent may request a modification of an existing child support order whenever there is a substantial change in circumstances.  The party requesting the modification must establish the substantial change. Further, in Rhode Island either parent may seek a review and adjustment of an existing child support order once Read More

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Why Mediation?

Mediation is a choice. Your choice. Mediation empowers you to take control of the dissolution of your marriage. Mediation is a better economic alternative to divorce litigation. In mediation, you decide, and you accept the settlement terms you created through mediation. A good mediator will help you focus on an interest-based approach to dissolution instead Read More

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A fresh start after divorce can include being a ‘First-Time Home Buyer’ again.

A significant percentage of our divorce clients had purchased their first home when they married.  As part of the dissolution, that first home was sold, or the client took a buyout from their former spouse.  Fast forward a few years and the client has re-built their financial foundation and wants to move from renting (or Read More

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Remote Mediation is an even better option

Divorce is the emotional equivalent to a tsunami. I have yet to encounter an ‘amicable’ divorce. But, I have been able to work with clients in crafting equitable separation agreements. What makes these agreements palatable to divorcing couples, is that they, not a court, controlled the outcome. Mediation is simply a means to safely, respectfully Read More

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Divorce Mediations can now be done remotely via Zoom or Skype

In response to the COVID19 pandemic we have migrated our mediation practice to the virtual world.  I am an experience mediation and attorney and can assist you in reaching an amicable resolution to your divorce and family law issue.  Mediation via Zoom or Skype is effective and efficient.  It is secure and private.  You can Read More

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Attorney Shawn M. Masterson succeeds in the First Circuit Court of Appeals

“The aphorist tells us that hope springs eternal, but litigation based on hope alone should not be allowed to proceed eternally.” SDM Law Group successfully represents its client in the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Relying on the brief written by Attorney Shawn M. Masterson, the First Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the decision of Read More

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You control the outcome. One would think that the single biggest reason to mediate a divorce is that, on average, it is extremely less expensive than litigation. But, the #1 reason to mediate is CONTROL. In mediation you control the outcome. In court, a judge controls the outcome. As a trial attorney with 1000s of Read More

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