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Is there a way I can be guaranteed not to get divorced?

Yes.  Don’t get married.  The statistics are sobering.  Some 50% of first marriages end in divorce.  67% of second marriages end in divorce.  The third time isn’t the charm, as rates for divorce in third marriage are no better.

100% of divorces start with marriage.  If you want to avoid divorce, just don’t do it.

However, marriage seems to be as inevitable as pumpkin spice lattes come October.  Marriage has its benefits: the tax benefits alone can justify the union.  But the divorce process and divorce itself can have incredibly devastating financial and psychological effects on you and your children.

So how do you minimize the negative?  From a legal perspective a pre-nuptial agreement can set the stage for a less contentious divorce.  A pre-nuptial agreement can set financial parameters, define the transfer of assets to children of a prior marriage and most important, a pre-nuptial agreement can significantly reduce stress, time and legal fees in the event of a divorce.

Having a pre-nuptial agreement in place before you are married is the wise choice.

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