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Remote Mediation is an even better option

Divorce is the emotional equivalent to a tsunami. I have yet to encounter an ‘amicable’ divorce. But, I have been able to work with clients in crafting equitable separation agreements. What makes these agreements palatable to divorcing couples, is that they, not a court, controlled the outcome.

Mediation is simply a means to safely, respectfully and equitably dissolve a marital estate. As a mediator, I facilitate that conversation and guide clients to a mutually agreeable result.
Mediation is more important than ever. The stay-at-home restrictions with COVID19 have led to an increase in divorce filings. While the courts may be closed, we can mediate these matters now. Remote mediations are now possible and preferred over in-person meetings. Social distancing guidelines have promoted us to move towards a virtual process.

Starting the process can be difficult. We understand the overwhelming feeling of just making that first call. We make it as easy as possible. All pre-meeting materials are exchanged via email. All mediation sessions are private, secure and conducted where you feel the most safe and secure. All post-mediation documents are drafted and emailed, and most can be executed virtually.

Let us help you get a fresh start. Better information leads to better decisions.

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