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Top Ten Reasons to Try Divorce Mediation.

Divorce can be stressful, time consuming, costly and fraught with unknowns.  Divorce mediation can help you control costs, put you in control of the divorce process thereby reducing stress and allow you, not a judge, to decide the major issues in your divorce.  Here are the top ten reasons to try divorce mediation


  1. Divorce mediation costs less than going to court.
  2. Its less stressful than fighting in a courtroom.
  3. Divorce mediation is a faster process than divorce litigation.
  4. Divorce mediation helps couples reach mutually agreeable resolutions.
  5. Divorce mediation agreements last, and there are fewer post-judgment actions with a mediated agreement than with a judgment after litigation.
  6. All issues can be settled in divorce mediation.
  7. You have a voice in divorce mediation.
  8. You, not the court, control the timing, costs, and outcome in divorce mediation.
  9. Agreements reached through divorce mediation can be implemented right away.
  10. Divorce mediation is less complicated than litigation.

If you are facing divorce, divorce mediation is an effective, efficient and economical path to achieving the agreement you want.

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