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5 Reasons Why Selling Your Home After Divorce is a Good Idea

Divorce is not an ending, but rather the beginning.  Divorce is a fresh start. Your environment can be a symbol and reminder of a toxic relationship or difficult time.  Changing that environment helps in breaking bad habits and creating good ones.  According to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, ( “if your environment doesn’t change, you probably won’t either.” Habits are part of your physical and social environment.  As part of your fresh start after divorce and building new positive habits, you should consider selling your martial home and buying a new home posted an interesting article listing 13 reasons to move to a new home.  13 Reasons Why It’s So Important That You Move To New Places During Your Life –  Among the 13 reasons, a fresh start leads tops the list.

My list of the 5 reasons to sell your home after divorce:

  • Fresh start
  • Financial freedom
  • Ease of breaking bad habits and building good ones
  • Creating a space conducive to a peaceful and positive mindset
  • Build self-confidence and resilience

Divorce is stressful.  The move doesn’t need to be.  We find our divorce and divorce mediation clients who make the decision to sell and buy a new home, view it with excitement and hope, instead of stress and despair.  We don’t make this journey alone.  Experienced and talented real estate agents and mortgage lenders help.

Let us help you get a fresh start. Better information leads to better decisions.

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